Topper is a national touring/recording band from Atlanta, GA, in business for over 40 years.The band can cover virtually any style of popular music, true to form vocally and instrumentally. They write, record and perform songs in different genres of popular music (Rock,Pop,Country,etc) as well. 

Topper releases product on their indie record label, Ring Records. 

Their show, Voices Of Rock & Soul! is just one example of Topper’s versatility. The band’s expansive song list can be configured to fit any occasion, whether it be concerts, clubs, casinos, festivals, fairs, corporate and private events.

This legendary band has toured all over the USA, as well as Europe and the Caribbean. Topper has become an institution with its incredible long, successful run as one of the best live bands to come out of the Southeast USA.

Meet the members of Topper, one of the band’s most talented and cohesive lineups since their conception in 1977! 

David Rodé

Bandleader, Guitars, Guitar Synthesizer, Vocals

David grew up living in Cleveland OH, San Antonio TX, Panama Canal Zone and Northern VA with his father, an Air Force officer & pilot, his mother and two sisters
David started playing guitar and writing songs as a teenager, learning from blues mast ers, B.B.King, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters and Buddy Guy. Jerry Lee Lewis, James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, Jeff Beck, Harvey Mandel and Roy Buchanan have also been huge influences on David as an entertainer and musician.
He is proficient in most styles of popular music. (Blues, Jazz, Funk, Rock, Reggae and Country) His signature screaming guitar and over the top stage performances are focal points of Topper’s live presentation. David has been bandleader, manager of Topper for over 40 years and is a lifelong professional guitarist, vocalist and songwriter.
David Rodé is an endorsed artist with several musical instrument and pro audio companies. He currently resides in Fannin County, GA.

Raul Martinez

Lead Vocals, percussion, guitar 

Raul Martinez is simply one of the finest male vocalists in America; A rare combination of Soul, 4+ octave vocal range and emotion! Born in Cuba and growing up for several years in Little Havana as a boy without family, Raul is a living testimonial to beating the odds! He used his marketable skills in the automobile industry, carpentry, owned a sign company and a career with Harley Davidson, supporting his family and singing through it all! He did his thing for many years in the Ocala, FL area, now residing with his wife, Terri at their beautiful home in Murphy, NC. Raul has been a giant asset to Topper as lead vocalist, co-fronting the band and bringing his loyal following of family, friends and fans to Topper’s live shows!

Nathaniel Payne

Electric, Upright & Synth Bass, Alto Sax, Vocals

Nathanial grew up in Blairsville, GA with his mother, musician father (Keyboards) and two brothers. He was a standout in high school marching & Jazz band, as well as academically. Nathaniel graduated from the prestigious, Institute Of Music in Los Angeles, CA with honors and a degree in Music Performance prior to joining Topper in 2015. Nathaniel is one of the finest musicians and performers in Topper’s 40 + year history, tearing it up with his six string bass, alto sax, vocals and huge stage presence.He is a franchise member of the band, along with bandleader, David Rodé at this point in the game! Nathaniel lives with his wife, Elizabeth and daughter, Vivi at their home in Blairsville, GA. 

Glenn Faast

Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Glenn grew in Bridgeport, CT, drumming in high school marching and Jazz bands, as well as theater productions. He played in regional touring acts throughout high school and beyond. Glenn relocated to Key West, FL in the ‘90s and was a big part of the music scene there for over 25 years, playing in local bands, running jam sessions and using his expertise as a sound engineer doing concert production at events throughout the Florida Keys. He produced and booked talent for the Key West Seafood Festival, annually for many years, overseeing one of the largest, recurring music festivals in the state of Florida. He currently lives with his beautiful wife, Connie at their home in Murphy, NC. Glenn Faast brings an awesome groove on drums, great lead & harmony vocals and wonderful personality to Topper!